Components of a Successful Website

OurWebmaster has been developing websites since 1999. We would like to share with you our view of the process of how to construct and maintain a website. Please appreciate that this list is an OurWebmaster list, not a list obtained elsewhere. We understand what we are saying here and believe in the message.

Components of a Successful website:

1. Not a Silver Bullet.
2. Corporate Vision.
3. Corporate Management.
4. Website Purpose.
5. Website Visitors.
6. Website Content.
7. Website Marketing.
8. Search Engines.
9. Website Platform and Technology.
10. All accounts should be in the name of the website owner.

Not a Silver Bullet

Many are under the impression that a website is a Silver Bullet. At OurWebmaster we recognize that the days of THE silver bullet website are past. However, a website is certainly A shiny silver bullet of a variety of bullets that are available to market a business.

Owner Vision

A website will only be as strong and as useful as the Owner is willing to commit/provide resource. The Owner(s) must have an appreciation and a vision for the website. The owner(s) need to provide both a development and then an ongoing budget for the website effort.


A website is like an employee. A website has a job description and a duty. Measurements must be in place so that managers know that the website is doing its job and so that the website can be honed to do its job better.

Website Purpose

This should be a written statement that keeps management, the website development team, and the website marketing team working efficiently and in concert with each other.

Website Visitor

Once a website visitor arrives at the website is h/she satisfied? Does the website do/provide what the visitor is seeking?

Website Content

Website content should:

* Satisfy the website visitor.
* Should be authored by someone(s) who understands the material.
* Should be placed on the website in a Standards Compliant manner.
* Should be better than the website of a direct competitor.

Website Marketing

All traditional methods of advertising should be utilized to market a website as they are deemed cost-effective. All company products and literature should display the website URL. When appropriate non-traditional forms of advertising should be utilized, such as participation in newsgroups and forums.

Search Engines

The role of a search engine is to make a profit. Search engines do this by providing the most relevant search results to the Searcher, and by displaying paid advertising alongside the ‘organic’ listing.

A company wishing to appear at or near the top of searches needs to identify which keywords and/or phrases are desirable and then the website needs to be optimized for those search words.

The Technology

Website Technology is changing, becoming more efficient and more standards-compliant. Here are the basic website technology categories from our point of view:

* No website.
* Do it yourself.
* Weblog.
* CMS.
* Custom.
* Super Custom.

The website technology should be chosen based on the job that the website is to accomplish.

OurWebmaster is a small company that understands how to develop websites. OurWebmaster is capable of performing many of the above responsibilities…however, there must be active involvement from the owners of the business from the standpoint of desired goals and the budget.

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