Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a complicated issue…and yet it is simple.

THE SIMPLICITY:  Search Engines exist to make a profit. They profit most by returning the most relevant results to a Searcher. Therefore… a ‘search term’ or a ‘search phrase’ have the most relevant content and you will appear at the top of the ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ listings.

THE COMPLEXITY:  The complexity comes into the picture when someone wants to appear at the top of the natural or organic stack of search results but is not doing so.

If you are not at the top of organic/natural search results several things are required:

  1. Identify specifically for which term(s) or phrase(s) Top 5 Ranking is desired. This may seem like a simple task but it is actually very complicated. The real question here is “Which term(s) and/or phrases(s) justify the investment of time, energy, and money”.
  2. Compare your landing page (the Home page or a page specifically designed for the term and/or phrase) to the pages that rank Top 5.
  3. Modify your landing page so that it exceeds the Top 5 in terms of what the search engine is looking for when it ranks pages.
  4. Measure the results of this effort over time (months and years).
  5. Continue to invest in maintaining the Top 5 Ranking.

When OurWebmaster develops a new website, key term(s) and/or phrase(s) are identified in consultation with the client whenever possible and the website is tuned to a degree to those terms. More focused tuning may be required to return a top 5 ranking.

What we find is that few website owners are sufficiently motivated to make an investment in search engine optimization. However, some website owners find the investment to be prudent and profitable.

At OurWebmaster we are prepared with the tools and the patience to implement an honest long-term Search Engine Optimization program.

OurWebmaster is also experienced with Pay Per Click campaigns and manages several of these campaigns for Client websites. Pay Per Click is also a great way to test keywords and/or phrases.

Contact OurWebmaster if you are interested in an honest, long-term search engine optimization program.

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